Bring me that horizon


Robert Downey Jr. reached 1 million followers less than a day after joining Twitter — 23 hours and 25 minutes to be exact — after sending out his very first tweet and introducing himself to the social media platform.

His first tweet was published on April 11 at 2:30pm PST.  He has made five posts overall, two of which are replies.

This means Robert Downey Jr. technically now holds the fastest time to reach 1M followers, beating out Charlie Sheen (who holds/held the Guinness World Record at 25 hours + 17 minutes).

Robert Downey Jr. joins Twitter, breaks records.

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Why all the confusion??

When i first spoilered myself this morning here on tumblr, I was like “oh great, nobody understood anything, damn writers…” but now I watched the episode and i don’t really get what’s the problem… How can somebody say the ship has sunk? O.o it’s all there afloat and surfing!!!

A few hints you might have missed

-“Raccoons mate for life”
-“It’s still sharp”
-“It’s the end of the beginning”(meaning we get in the body of the thing)
-the super Kensi’s smile after she opened the box while walking away
-Deeks opening the box and finding the “next” box (the next step, again, the end of the beginning)

They are so not sinking…

I don’t really understand what all the fuss was about